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D & A Maintenance – Plasterers Brisbane offers a complete start to finish service in all Brisbane areas.

D & A Maintenance - Water Damaged Repaired

Why choose D & A Maintenance

  • Experience tradesman
  • Large and small projects
  • Domestic, commercial and corporate projects
  • First class high standard the first time, every time
  • Dustless sanding on all jobs
  • New drop sheets every time
  • Full insured
  • Ultra premium quality products
  • Competitively priced
  • All works carried out to Australian QBSA standards

With 25 years working in the plastering and painting industry, Steve at D & A Maintenance has built up a reputation for consistently delivering outstanding service.

This plastering and painting experience has been gained working on many different construction styles and designs in Brisbane and Cairns. Projects have ranged from multi-storey high-rise units to small bathroom renovations. Steve is experienced in employing several tradespeople, working with project managers and liaising with other tradespeople to get the job done on time.  On larger projects Steve has gained experience in staff management and is adept at placing the right person in the right job.

Many of Steve’s plastering and painting skills were forged from English master crafts. As materials and methods have evolved over time Steve has ensured his skills have kept up to date. Now working as a sole trader, D & A Maintenance ensures that all work carried out is to the highest standard with all surfaces properly prepared and all materials correctly applied.

Using a very experienced tradesman can save you a lot of money. Having worked and operated in England, Far North Queensland and Brisbane Steve has learnt to recognise potential problems before they occur. Moisture is always a big problem in Brisbane and the tropics. This can lead to mould and peeling paint. Using the right boards, plaster products and mould inhibitors can stop this ever becoming a problem. For example, an inexperienced plasterer may simply plaster over a surface with enamel paint, which may later peel off. An experienced plasterer would know that sanding and applying a sealant would ensure proper adherence of the plaster.

All sorts of problems can and will occur if the tradesperson doesn’t have the knowledge and the skills to recognise them and properly prepare for them before they occur.

At D & A Maintenance we only use premium quality plastering and painting products that carry a guarantee. All paints are 100% Acrylic Australian made. Quality assurance is guaranteed with D & A Maintenance always striving for the best results with seamless joints and smooth finishes.

For a free no obligation quote or for some further information please don’t hesitate to call D & A Maintenance today on 0418 460 713

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